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A bit of appreichation

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I just wanted to make a quick post with my 2 cents about kotor2 and obsidian.


Despite numerous bugs and what-not I have really enjoyed kotor2. Yet again the game has been the only one to pull me away from Ragnarok Online for a week and I thought that was something only kotor1 would do :thumbsup:

Thanks for bringing me an enjoyable sequel to one of my all time favorite games and I hope to see more kotors in the future!

I'm a bit sad that you had a 12month development cycle pushed on you for a game of this magnitude and I think that with that in mind you did a pretty good job.

My hope lays in a patch and maybe eventually some restored content via the updater like kotor1 got an additional place (yavin IV, admitedly small) which could help repair some of the damage the 12month cycle did - failing that I look forward to kotor3 eagerly.


Thanks again - i'm REALLY enjoying kotor2! You did very well for something this huge in such a short time.



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appreciation is like 40% good spelling

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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I've got the utmost appreceation for Obsidian, my contempt is reserved for Lucasarts for making them push the game out earlier than they should have. And my future contempt will be reserved for Lucasarts for not letting them patch it properly (which I'm pretty sure they won't).

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This is exactly what the devs here should be reading. They have and important job to do yet they take the time out of it to come on these forums and answer what questions they can.


Whenever I read that they were closing the forum, it didn't come to me as much of a surprise. There are so many people who are ungrateful for the masterpieces they make. Of course there are going to be bugs in a game and they already said they are making a patch so why does everyone get after them to fix stuff still? If your even going to complain wait till after its out and not to these people but to LA for not allowing them to go that far or to do that much (whichever way it turns out).


I may be new to posting on here but I have read a bunch of the posts posted here. Everyone should really leave them with some time about the ending in KOTOR2, a small company like this one can't exactly focus solidly on one game (especially one that is already an excellent game) to make every single person in the community happy. I

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