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darkside attributes

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ok first time i reached full DS i had +50 FP, now later in the game i reached it again (had to do some LS to get lightsaber parts on nar) i got +3 to dex which is quite useless cos no-one can kill my charc cos she's a living zombie :thumbsup:


is there any way i can change this cos i think it kinda sucks.





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DS Guardian, Marauder: +1-8 DMG


DS Sentinel, Assassin: +3 DEX


DS Consular, Sith Lord: +50 FP


Note you can mix up the classes. For example, you can be a Sentinel/Sith Lord and have a +3 DEX bonus as well as 50 extra FP.


You have the 50 FP, but the DEX shows up first.

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