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Thats what you get for conplaining tooooo much

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In case you guys have not read the title of this board section... (Self-Help), which means autonomous which means stop e-mailing obsidian for all your little bug!


I for one am really enjoying this game (not that much bug) and the story is well written, so i say congratulation to obsidian for making a solid sequel.


I hope this board's gets closed (as anounced) to shut your pie holes.

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Dear Fettman,


They ain't little bugs. Not little at all. if you're the one of us you'll know how we feel it we can't play the game quite well and meet such interuption all the time you start to play.


Another time I say,They ain't little bug at all. That's why we start moaning and complaining. If you don't know, I will tell you that some of our people can't even play it... get pass from character creation many people stuck in Dantooine and wherever they go.


All we complain, it's not too much, really. And it's our right of customer to comnplaint what's pervent us from playing "your enjoyable game"... I wish you encounter the same bugs I was and you'll understand


So If you're just someone who pass here and see that title and don't know what situation we all did have.


Just keep silence. Your words ain't beneficial.



And Obsidian. I know how you feel and what do you think and how come to this. I respect your decision... At least you provide us some problem-sharing forum for long time until now.

I'll wait until there're community manager. Don't lost our hope then...

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Alright my bad for not making this unclear... There are people on this board who says harsh and non-constructive comment those are not welcomed.


I for one really enjoy this board and the comfort it gives me to know that if somethings bad happens i can come here and moan like the rest of you and work something out.


That being said it's time for those **** talking e-mail spaming weiner to stop bothering Obsidian teams in their effort.


Look around this board and you'll read things like ''Why has obsidian abandoned us'' or '' thank you for a really crappy sequel''. The main purpose of this section is to be self-reliant in your attemps to fix some bugs and configuration problems, don't expect Obsidian to monitor your every key stroke. Major bugs will be addressed in the new patch and in following ones.

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i still can't see why it bothers YOU!


you can play the game, so start playing and do us all a favor. People who have given 50 euros to buy a game and cannot play it, have the right to complain all they want.


By the way, i couldn't play the game, then i borrowed an nVidia 5600 (or so) from a friend and it played perfectly... I advise you all to do the same.

And, after finishing the game, i can say that it IS "a crappy sequel". And the ending really sucks.. I wish bugs woudln't let me finish it!

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