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  1. I haven't gotten the PC version yet. All I have is the 360 version.
  2. Also, I lost Jesus as a summons...what is going on here? And yes, I went back to church and got the rosary...still no Jesus to select.
  3. I have the 360 version...I guess I will go buy the PC version. Started a brand new game on the 360, different class as well, hit level 14 and poof my last ability vanishes and I cannot spend any points even when I hit 15. This is very frustrating. Update: Just finished the Canada Quest and now a 2nd ability is gone, just leaving me three. What the heck?
  4. If you finish the game with AIDS, it gives you an achievement/trophy.
  5. It seems to be a random ability that it happens to. The times it happened to me I did have AIDS cured and the ability was fully upgraded.
  6. Yep but mine was a different ability. It seems that when you hit 14 or 15 one of your abilities vanishes.
  7. Well I get to level 15 and all of sudden of 5th ability vanishes. Now I only have 4 yet I have points in all 5. What the heck? I've loaded earlier games and the ability is there, soon as I hit 15 my 5th ability just vanishes.
  8. I am level 12 rogue, I have the points available to but my level 10 and 11 ability under Stink Bombs (they are both unlocked). It lets me spend the points but still show the ability as unlocked and not purchased but the point is spent.
  9. So where did you find the secret info on Mina? Also I can only seem to have the end scene with Mina. Yet I have Scarlet and SEI with me. Do I have to let Mina die?
  10. Hmm I had her Mina look at Westridge but it only put him at 86%. Must have missed something. Also to get SIE as my handler I need to basically not use G22, right?
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