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cut content??

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I was just wondering if obsidian could post telling what they cut. I have heard of some cool side quest that were cut. I know they probably wont patch it in but I was just hoping we could find out what and who they cut out of the game, just because im a kotor junkie. I know that you can check the sound files and stuff but if we could hear from someone at obsidian about what was cut that would be great, thanks for the great game. (fingers crossed for kotor 3)

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Chris Avellone has said somewhere (I don't know whether it was an interview or here on the boards) that they won't tell what they have cut out for the reason that the stuff could be reused in future.

(Maybe a hint for OE developing Kotor3...?)

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S.L.J. said he has already filmed his death scene and was visibly happy that he

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