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Perplexed in Onderon

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did you go into the doctor's residence/hospital?


It's on the same map the Cantina is on.


this should trigger the investigation to get the doctor out of jail. There's also a guy hanging out in front of the hospital you may have to talk to, he says the doctor has been arrested.


Solving this quest in mostly done in the Cantina with various NPC's there.

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You need to go outside the doctor's office (which is near the cantina). That should trigger an event with a man who approaches you and says that there's been a murder for which Dhagon has been arrested (something to that effect). Then you go talk to Captain Riiken outside the air tower, head back to the cantina, and begin doing the body of the investigation by talking to the people inside.

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If you talk to the Twi'lek and the Skinny kid who plays pazaack, that furthers the quest, then you have to get info about the serving droid that got vaped earlier, buy the head from the droid junk dealer, give it to the Twi'lek to get it working, then take it and the skinny kid to the captain to free doc. Then you get access to the jedi master in the palace, shortly before vaklu's men start trying to gun you down, then exit stage left until later in the game


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It may depend on what you answered in that crowd dialogue when they spoke out against the Queen. You were either against her (with the anti-Talia dialogues) or for her (pro-Talia dialogues).



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