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Visquis invitation blocking problem


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There is a timing problem that is blocking me on Nar Shadda :


- Bao-Dur become my padawan

- I go to the Ebon Hawk

- I kill all the Red Eclipse thugs inside the Ebon Hawk

- I get out of the ship

- I enter into the ship again

- for 1 sec I can see Atton talking about a com (Visquis invitation it seems) but I can't learn more because...

- ...Bao-Dur wants to talk about Malachor-V and initiates the dialogue preventing Atton to complet his report


Is there some way to finally get this invitation ? If not does someone have the number of the global attribute of it so I can edit it with KSE ?


I was already forced to start from scrath because of the black screen bug, I hope that I'll not have to do it twice.

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