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KotOR 2 locks down after cutscenes

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Okay, now I have an even stranger bug. When I start the game I get through the very first cutscenes and I see a flash of what I think is the ebon hawk. Then it goes black and stops responding. I saw the flash just once but every time i start it I can hear either "hyperdrive, Offline" or the little white guy (I can't believe I forgot my fav kotor 1 characters name, disgraceful) beeping. Then they cut off and all I can hear is the ebon Hawk tinging and the music. It automatically stops responding. I figure since I'm not givin a message, I don't have a prob with my graphics card, how else would I be able to see the very begining of the game?

its weird, but I don't want to post my specs on the first message but if anyone wants them I will give them. Could someone be helpful enough to help me dig out of the stupid bug?



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