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KOTOR3 Ideas

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me and my buddies were helping another buddy repaint his apartment so he could get his security deposit and we came up with some ideas for Kotor3


1: Have a system like the one in Fable, like if you get really evil people will run away from you. But if you get really good people will flock around you and try to to befriend you.


2: Make sure there is respawning with the enemies so the game doesn't get boring.


3: Put more emphasis on the importance of Lightsabers.


4: Any girls in the game should wear thongs when in under wear.


5: More character customization (maybe like THUG1)


6: Lots and lots of planets, and a new Ship not the Ebon Hawk, been there done that kinda thing.


7: Romance plots that keep going through out the game like, you fall in love with someone and then you have to keep them in love with you by proving you love them.


8: Tattoos and different hair styles like in Fable.


So lemme know what you all think and give any ideas you have as well

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. . . Er, if you want Fable, go play it? Perhaps? I'm teasing :ermm:


My ideas: more Sithiness!!!! No thongs, please. I mean, games aren't just for guys and some women are more than a grouping of holes. <_<


Definately more lightsabre stuff. Like, actually building one perhaps, instead of just finding some pieces and having it do it automatically? I liked the idea . . . but perhaps a bit more with it . . .


More open-endedness. Don't *have* to be one thing or the other. I don't like being forced to be Jedi u_u


Definately more customising of characters. I was just thinking of this earlier today o_O Tattoos and stuff would be *awesome*.


School! Jedi or Sith academy, like, enrolling or something, rising ranks in your respective teachings . . . more freeform?


No more Sith=bully+credits and Jedi=spineless-credits.


More dialogue choices. The ability to lie to your companions with more subtlety. Instead of "Are you okay" "I don't care" and "I hope you die" perhaps "[Lie]Are you okay" -- y'know, fooling them instead of letting them know right out that you're trying to use them but are unable to subvert their judgement and such because you don't get the option to be truly bad. :blink:


The ability to romance anyone, not have auto-romances. I don't like any of the freaks I'm supposed to hook up with. They're so gah and goodie-goodie and just make my skin crawl. Candy/Mandalore is the only one I'd consider romancing and you don't even get the chance/option: why do the Jedi chicks get everything? They aren't even allowed emotions!!


I dunno, I have more ideas somewhere . . . I might get around to remembering them or something . . .

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