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Goto's dialogue tree


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Hi everyone :)


A lot of people on this forum say that there is a way to get Goto to admit that he is the droid that was supposed to be sent to the Telos mining colony. My question is, how exactly do you open up the tree so he'll say this? I have enough influence so that when I ask him about his Nar Shaddaa operations, he'll let me ask him more questions, but the only question I get is about Vogga. I am pretty sure I've asked him everything on every branch of his tree. Is this a matter of influence, or do I need to trigger something?


I've also heard that it is possible to gain influence with Goto only through his dialogue tree, but again I think I've asked him everything possible and I only got one or two influence boosts before that was exhausted.


I've searched the forum for answers, and I've seen people ask almost exactly the same questions, but no one answered them. Figured I'd take a shot at sorting out Internet fact from fiction :blink:

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During convo on Ebon Hawk you can only get 2 influence boosts

(Need 3 to spill his beans, after you confronted him with the large amount of droids in the Exchange on Nar Shaddaa)

To ask about if he's a droid, you need to have certain quest finished (scientist and dead twi'lek, Goto's dead for Fuel for Telos, T3's adventure (have to talk to T3 about "How did you find me on goto's ship" to get this for goto's quest) and some others)

After you got enough proof that droids on Nar Shaddaa work for Goto, you can ask him about this


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