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Star Wars Republic Commando's Gamespot review


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Basically, The Neg: Shortish, bad multiplayer


The Pos: Great single player


Score: 8.7


They talk about how the controls are much like Freedom Fighters, just what I was hoping for!


So if you liked Freedom Fighters and single player campaigns, seems like this is the game for you. According to Gamespot. Time to get a new card. :p





Its well-paced, albeit brief, single-player campaign will keep adrenaline junkies thrilled from the first dropship landing to the final dust-off. A pedestrian and unimaginative multiplayer mode is the only notable flaw in a game that otherwise plays, looks, and sounds fantastic.


The interface and gameplay conventions in Republic Commando borrow some of the best elements from excellent games like Metroid Prime, Halo, and Freedom Fighters.
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