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Finished, and just wondering...

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Brilliant game, reallllly enjoyed it! (w00t)


Some questions...


1) Rumor that Atton and Bao - Dur can be taught to use the force. True or false?


2) So what Actually happened to Lord Revan? Yeah, he went off to the outer reaches, but where!? And why? Was it to do with Malachor V ?


Thanks for the help!




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1) yes both Bao-Dur and Atton can be trained as Jedi when you gain enough influence them.


2) People seem to be ignorant as to where Revan has gone... depends on what you had Revan do in the first one, light side Revan seems to suggest he is fighting an unseen evil, i haven't played right the way through Dark side... so i can only guess at what the evil Revan might do in the farthest reaches of space - rallying an unseen evil perhaps? :ph34r:

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There are a total of 5 party members that you can train as Jedi; 3 males and two females. Atton and Bao-Dur are two of the males.


As for your second question, there may still be some that haven't finished the game so that would better be answered in the spoilers forum. You don't learn where Revan is exactly, but you do know why he/she went there and what supposdly is to follow. Malachor V's connection is also story related so it would be a spoiler.

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