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Dumped to main menu in some point in Dantooine


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Yet another KOTORII problem.


In Dantooine, there's this building which is the first you see when you leave the landing pad area, the one which a furios guard comes and yells at you for trying to open its side door. Well, you know what I mean.


In any case, when I try to enter the building, it dumps me into the main menu without having any control of the game besides quitting it using ALT+F4.


Any suggestions?

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As I understand, such problems only occur to some people in KOTOR II. Therefore, you can send your savegame to someone who doesn't have the problem, have them pass the troublesome area and resend you the updated save so you can move on from there.


So, gullf1sk or anyone else, please help me with that. If you want I can do the same for you. Please.

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