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Top 10 Best Selling PC Games For Feb. 12

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Top 10 Best Selling PC Games For Feb. 12


The NPD Group has released its latest list of the top 10 best selling PC games in the US, this time for the week ending Feb. 12.


1 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords LucasArts $41

2 World Of Warcraft Vivendi Universal $49

3 Half-Life 2 Vivendi Universal $53

4 The Sims 2 Electronic Arts $47

5 The Sims Deluxe Electronic Arts $18

6 Halo: Combat Evolved Microsoft $30

7 Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Atari $38

8 MS Zoo Tycoon 2 Microsoft $36

9 MS Flight Simulator 2004: Century Of Flight Microsoft $28

10 Galaxy Of Games 350 JC eGames $10

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How did Halo sell more than Halo 2?


Because the list is for PC games - Halo 2 ain't out on PC (yet).


On one hand, I guess I should congratulate Obsidian, especially since this will secure their financial future for a while and hopefully give them the leeway to produce their own IPs.


On the other hand this will probably just encourage Lucasarts to produce KOTOR3 in quick time and with not enough QA. ;)

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KotOR II #1 in both the US and the UK at the same time. That's good, no excuses Lucasarts/Obsidian this time, give us the whole ending a bonus for out support! <_<

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