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Painful Leveling


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I went to Dxun and during the assault on the Mandalorian camp I decided to avail myself of the fact that you can keep fighting as long as you like until you are ready to get on the shuttle.


I read that your level does not much matter because everything scales up with you and so I thought, fun! I will get a few levels to add a couple of feats to play with to my character.


BUT OH MY GOSH! It takes a year and a day of seriously painful fighting to get a single level here. None of my force powers stick on these Assassin guys (well, they do, but it takes literally 5 or 6 casts for a stun power to stick and you can forget Kill working, it just doesn't land--for me, at least).


Is there a better way to do this if you want to have a higher Jedi than typical by end game?

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Unless they've fixed it for the PC version (which I assume you're playing) there is a way to seriously powergame your character on Korriban. You will enter a room with a right and left hand turn, but your immediate attention will be drawn to the Hssiss, which currently occupies the room. Once you dispatch the beast, take the path to the right, and after a turn, you will come to a room with four pillars and dead jedi in the center. As soon as you click on the dead jedi to loot their corpses, you will be set upon by two Hssiss who spawn near you. Now every time you click on the dead jedi, two Hssiss appear, and if you continually click on the corpse, more Hssiss will appear.


This is where Drain Force and Death Field really shine, because you can take out 10-12 Hssiss without breaking a sweat (light or dark side doesn't really matter, I powerlamed my 3rd character to level 35 within a couple of hours, and I was the "paragon of light" type of jedi). You should never run out of force points, and Death Field should drain enough health from the surrounding beasts to make even their critical hits disappear.


Do yourself a favor, though, and save often, becuase if two or three crits land at the same time (and the will), you'll get killed in one go, depending on your class. I was a consular with somewhere in the neighborhood of 390 HP, and they WILL hit hard enough to do 105 HP on a crit.

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