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help scene freeze on dxun!!!

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:( well i land on dxun clear the area then i go to Onderon clear that world too and the I go back to Dxun, Mandalore says that he will join and that he would speak with me later then ATTON comes and the scene freezes can anybody help me and please e-mail me

btw i think that onderon is my last planet i've contacted all the jedi masters expect Atris

i wanna play but i'm stuck please somebody HELP :(

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i apologize for that i didin't saw that last one it is deleted now

well i went trough the whole game just fine i had the frame rate cut on dantoione but i repair that this is the first time a scene freeze i don't know what to do bu i certainly won't play the game from the begining

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There is a way past this bug. At least it worked for me.


Before clicking on the shuttle on onderon save the game (not quicksave).

Click on the shuttle and watch the cutscene of the shuttle flying to the moon.

The Dxun level will load. As soon as it loads (ie before canderous talks about joining you) hit quicksave.

You will then get the cutscene and the freeze.

Alt-F4 then restart the game and load your quicksave (when i did this i also held the key W down incase the scene was triggered by where you stand. Don't know if that was needed).

The canderous cutscene doesn't play and you can continue.

Atton is grayed out till you reach the ebon hawk then becomes available again.


Only side effect I know was the attack on the palace happened immediately rather than waiting for me to complete another world.

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