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Review/Rant/Hopes for the future

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Ok, I just finished KotOr 2 for the PC. If it matters I was a LS Guardian/WM.


First of all i'd like to point out that i was absolutely blown away by the depth given to the story and to Kreia herself, possibly one of the best characters I have ever come across in a game. Forget the Jedi Masters, they got nothing on her. All in all the story is good, albeit obviously the ending was rushed and plotholes are plenty. But this is certainly NOT what my rant is about, as it would be silly to rant in a new topic all that people have been writing in this forum for ages.


What I'd like to complain about is how the game incorporated combat. A lightsaber is not a sword. Why is strenght determining how much damage someone can cause with a lightsaber??? It's a friggin laser that cuts thru anything upon contact!!! The only thing strenght could possibly influence on is when 2 sabers lock, but even so usually in the movies the "unlocking" is done using a force power or with a fast movement.


The feat lightsaber finesse is not enough, lightsabers should be entirely dex based. No jedis are muscular and wear heavy armors,they are nimble and light. THATS the whole fun of playing a jedi, if I wanted to play arnold i'd play NWN as a barbarian armed with a great axe.


Furthermore, that is part of what separates jedis from common characters, like soldiers, who in fact would have to rely on strenght, and that is why you cant "turn" someone into a jedi with the blink of an eye, jedis are trained since the cradle, and not lifting weights (actually the opposite since sabers almost dont have weight) but with little remotes shooting blaster shots at them that they have to reflect.


You might say "but that is how the engine incorporates combat !!1 LOL" but thats not enough for me. This engine was already modified from NWN, it could have been modified further to separate even more regular characters from jedi. I a patch is coming how to fix a lot of the problems, I hope it also takes this into account,besides the obvious BAB progression problems.


Another thing that upsets me since KotOR I is how 2 lightsabers or a saber staff are always more powerful than a single saber, which totally ruins the experience for me. That really really needs to be better balanced, or make the choice merely a cosmetic one. In jedi academy this was better balanced by giving more styles of combat available for single hilts.


As for KotOR3, what i'd like to see is the return of the sanity in terms of who gets to be a jedi and who does not. I'd like to see a main character who has been trained to be a jedi since a small child, like bastila. I'd like to see combat as detailed and graphically pleasant as jade empire seems to possess. i'd like to see jedi using the force to disarm their opponents of blasters and swords, i'd like to see dismemberments or at least better effects (like in jedi academy) when a saber cuts thru someone, and I'd like to see the coreography used in the movies for lightsaber combat, i'd like to see jedi using their saber to absorb force lightning like obi wan does in episode 2.

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