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equipped saber..missing?

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I am on Nar Shadda (sp?) and it is the last planet before i am on to dantooine to meet with the other jedis.


the problem i have is probably an old bug in Kotor I that has perhaps resurfaced.


in the beginning after speaking to Squallo (sp?) on the landing pad, im doing the first side missions (evicting the female rodian, killing exchange and commoners etc) everything is just fine. But when i leave that area to go to the next (cantina, refugee sector), my equipped saber goes missing from my hands, even in my inventory!


So i load back to a previous saved game in the same area, and again no saber in my hands!

The save game screenshot shows i am holding saber but upon loading, no saber


The only time i have my saber back is when i load the game from the beginning point after i land and begin to talk to squallo...


Testing things out, i switch to my second weapon config which holds a blaster and enter the door to the cantina...after the cutscene and loading screen, again my saber becomes missing from my first weapon slot and i still hold the blaster.


This is absolutely annoying.


Anyone else have such problems where their equipped saber just VANISHES from their inventory forever and forever on Nar Shadda?

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