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Need urgent help.. probably the suckiest bug ever!

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I looked on all the possible sites for an answer but couldn't find any.. so this forum is my last hope. I have nearly finished the game (at 31h) and have a great Jedi Weaponmaster with probably the best lightsaber ever.. with 3x-7x damage per hit. My team is great, and the character has light mastery.. 160k money.. as you can see lot's of time spent! I have finished the tasks on Onderon, Dxun, Telos, Dantooine, Korriban and Narr Shadda. Have found all the Jedi masters.. No I need to go back to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine, so what I do is I take the Ebon Hawk to Dantooine.. go to the exit, choose the NPCs.. and then BLACK...! The screen goes black.. the thing is, I press ALT+F4 and the option where it asks if I'm sure I want to quit without saving comes up.. so it's obvious that the game is still running, though I don't even see a load-screen.. Just goes black after the character selection screen.. Other than that I had no other problems (just the unable to complete race.. but the races suck and you don't need to complete them so I didn't care that much, what's interesting is it happens on every planet)

I need help.. please, so close to the end and this massive problem..

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