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First planet.

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Which planet do you normally do first ?


First game I did Dantooine as it seemed the logical place to find lightsaber parts.


However a neat little trick for getting an early saber is.


Go to Nar Shada


Break into Vogga's treasure room.

Help or kill the guy who is looking for his wife


Then complete your saber.


When you meet Visis then , rather than getting a component you get a nice shiny working saber of a random colour.


If you do Nar Shada and already have a saber you should find a complete one in Voggos treasure room.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I do Nar Shaddaa, I wanna get Atton to turn Jedi :thumbsup:


I wonder if the game is any different when you all are Jedi, like the part in the Korriban Cave


Bao-Dur: "your threatening Atton with a Lightsaber?"


If Atton has a saber there, then Bao-Dur wouldnt need to interrupt the fight :D

Shane Tyduk

Some awesome title name here


"If you sharpen a knife to its limits,

you run the risk of cutting your own

hand. The knife has no choice but to

be as sharp as you made it."

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