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Forfitted Swoop Race Fix

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I take it this is working for most people since I haven't had any comments, is there anywhere else i should post my little fix?


yah when you forfit, and actually beat the time the second race, it says you have to finish the course in order to save your time, or something.. I dont bother racing this time round, i'm constantly in jump mode.

Shane Tyduk

Some awesome title name here


"If you sharpen a knife to its limits,

you run the risk of cutting your own

hand. The knife has no choice but to

be as sharp as you made it."

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Ive also posted this on the Lucas Arts forum with a link back here with a little more help for people who havent used the save editor before (w00t)


Okay boys and girls all of you who have been having problems with the forfit bug on the swoop races I have found a solution and it works. Get your self a copy of the KOTOR 1&2 save game editor (KSE) latest version is 309 try here




now I recomend you do a backup of your saves directory incase you kill your save.

load kse and select your most recent save click on the little + to expand the menu

next click the + next to globals

next click the + next to Booleans

now towards the end of this list you will find "FORFEIT_SWOOPRACE:1" click this

now on the menu change from yes to no click apply and then commit changes

AND WOOOOOHOOOOO you can now finish the swoop races.

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