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Force Sight Visas

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Hello all. I know, that this thing about force sight is one of the most frequented topics in this forum, but one thing I haven't found with the search-engine:

Which sentence you can say, is the one that makes Visas teach you the force sight?(with enough influence.)


I tried it so many times, but I think I always take this conversation, before I have enough influence.

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This is from Dan Simpson's FAQ/Walkthrough

discribing the conversation thread with Visas after she joins:


Note: We save it because the chance to get Force Sight only comes up once.

          If you ask "How do you see through the Force" and fail the INFLUENCE

          check, then leave the dialogue, you then can't get it back. It only

          appears once.


          You have to increase your standing with Visas at least 4 times before

          she will teach you Force Sight. It does not all need to be in this

          dialogue, there are other ways to do it.


          Also note, if you do all the Light Side options in her conversation,

          it is enough to take you from Dark Side Mastery to not even showing

          the final stages of Dark Side (you lose the grey, ugly skin, but

          keep the "severe" look).

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