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Kreia and the wookie


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Thanks for the reply. I still havnt played the game from the DS perspective. I was still thinking that maybe Hanharr was hidden somewhere in the Ebon Hawk and I missed it. <_< Because on the LS he doesnt join the party right?

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Yes, this confused me too. I'm thinking that Mira had to do a similar "face the past" thing a kin to what the Exile had to go through. Hanharr was like Mira's Malachor, so to speak. Like Malachor hunted the Exile (via the force), Mira was hunted literally by Hanharr for doing what she felt was the right and just thing to do. By facing him again and choosing to spare him again, she faces the regret and is better for it. Conversly, she can kill him and be done with the matter. That part could have been developed a bit more I think. <_<

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