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Door on Nar Shadaa doesn't work!


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I'm having a big problem on nar shadaa. At a certain point Mira came talk to me about my meeting with Visquis and said my friends would be in trouble. Then there was a brief fight between Atton and the Twin Suns, which I won, and then it went back to the Exile and Mira, who were in Mira's place. She poisons you with the polluted air and the puts an enviro suit to go meet visquis.


When she gets there the suidy orders the exit to be locked and the private room to be opened... Now here comes my problem: the inner door to the Jakk'Jakk Tar just won't open. When I put the mouse over it it shows only the green circle but not the open action icon and without it I can't get into the bar to meet Visquis!


I'm not talking about the door to the private room. I mean the very first door you see when you enter the bar.


Since this is the only thing I can do and I don't know how I can avoud this, I'm pretty much stuck.


Could anyone help me?

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