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I've got a problem (who doesnt) on dantooine.

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Hi there!


There may be a spoiler up ahead, so if you havent played the game very far, dont read on.



























After i have been on Onderon, helped the queen, and gone back to the ebon hawk, kreia starts whining about going to dantooine. I go to dantooine, have a chat with the peeps on ebon hawk then decide to head out.

I get the usual character selection screen, i choose 2 guys, and click ok, sit down and wait for the loadscreen. Instead of the loadscreen, it dumps me to the game main menu. I've tried getting windowed mode to work to see if this helps, but i cant get windowed mode working.

Anyone else with the "dumping to main menu" problem here? Anyone got a work around?


Any help at all would be much appreciated. :p

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HEHE, i'm not dumped to main menu, HEHE, my screens stay black or dark blue, with the cursor icon and i can move it. And this on dantoine after i have reach all Masters Jedi, after 30hours of game, and after Krei says me to go to dantoine. the only difrence is that i'm not dumped to main menu (w00t)

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