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nar shadaa help

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that's the secret with KOTOR. You've been to all areas but you missed something. Did you do the quests? Look at what your journal has. I just did that and then the game goes on by itself. I think it's just that you need a certain number of quests done


Dod you kill the Overseer?

Return daughter to a mother?

Got the codes for the guy in the apartments?

Went back to the Ebon Hawk to fight a couole of dozen aliens?



I can't remember what got me going. It was just a simple quest, and then the cutscene happens and the game tells you what to do


if you can't get into secret areas don't try. At least I didn't. The game will bring you to them if you need to.



Also did you make a deal with Vogga th Hutt?

Got a twilek corpse in the Pylon 3 station?


See it all seems simple, unnesessary quests, but that was the deal with KOTOR 1, not here

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he's in the refugee sector

did you talk to the refugees? Do it before killing the overseer, get their quets, kill him, and come back to some of them for LS or DS points


get a woman back to her husband. She's in the refugees sector, there's only 3 women, talk to each of them. Their quests are easy

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