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nar shadaa help

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that's the secret with KOTOR. You've been to all areas but you missed something. Did you do the quests? Look at what your journal has. I just did that and then the game goes on by itself. I think it's just that you need a certain number of quests done


Dod you kill the Overseer?

Return daughter to a mother?

Got the codes for the guy in the apartments?

Went back to the Ebon Hawk to fight a couole of dozen aliens?



I can't remember what got me going. It was just a simple quest, and then the cutscene happens and the game tells you what to do


if you can't get into secret areas don't try. At least I didn't. The game will bring you to them if you need to.



Also did you make a deal with Vogga th Hutt?

Got a twilek corpse in the Pylon 3 station?


See it all seems simple, unnesessary quests, but that was the deal with KOTOR 1, not here

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