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In Game Text skipping

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While i was playing the pergeras, (SP, my spelling of names will be bad so sry) I went the the Harbringer ship and Atton tried to talk to me. Yet I heard no sound and it just jumped to my respons. It also did not show what he has previsly said to me. I thought it was some werid problem untill Keria ran off to attack some Sith guy and i never heard what she told me.


This is a problem and its a real one. Its in game text that is messed up. Please respond to this as if it continues I would stop playing.

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Just thought I'd shed some light on the issue.


This issue was present in KotOR 1 as well, and was resolved with the 1.02 patch.


O. E. in all their wisdom, made the exact same mistake in the sequel.


As for a remedy...I don't know of one. However if someone should figure out a solution I'm sure alot of people would be grateful. Better then waiting for a patch at this rate.


Just FYI, you can GUESS on your responses and go into the Message Log (forget which icon, but its near the bottom of MAP Icon I think) and read what it skipped. However considering you already MADE the choices, its too late anyway.

The only resolution I have discoverd is to quicksave before EVERY conversation, and exit the game and reload if it it occurs (however this is not always feasable/possible).


Would much rather there be an ini tweak to fix this heh.

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well i fixed it my self apparently the ingame text skips when my video was set at 1024+ and it now runs fin sadly at 800x600. Its quite annoying that i can not see the better image quality but i guess for the game sake i will have the lower res.

i might add i have a 128 Gforce card i got this summer and its up to date on drivers and every thing.

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