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A somewhat different Lightsabre thread


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Okay now taking a break from all the 'This game is the Suxxors!' 'Obsidian wheres my patch' threads round here lately I thought I'd try a thread that has absolutely nothing of extreme importance in it... just personal opnions over well nothing really... and here goes.



Now my question to you is what type of Lightsabre do you see the differing genders using easily in your imagination... now let me clarify.... To me, a Light sided male just suits Single normal Lightsabre , where as I would tend to see a Light sided female using a double-bladed lightsabre. These are all astetic reasons and no really reason to them Just what I usually create my PCs to conform to. They just seem to gel.


Here goes my fully list:


Lightsided Male: Single Sabre. Just seems right to me. Very Traditional. Besides if it was good enough for Luke its good enough for my goody goody.

Light sided female: Double-bladed Sabre. I really dunno why it just seems to suit. It has a sort of Feminie Agility quality to it *shrugs*.


Think it goes without saying All lightsided chars colour co-ordination tends to be of the light colours. The blue, Greens and Yellows. No self respecting goody would weild a red sabre *scoff*



Dark sided Male: Hmmm My first Pick tends to be Dual sabres.. though to be honest single sabre could fit too. Then agian Double bladed isn't out of the question either... but only if your Dath Maul. He really pulled that off well, but most the time I personally go with my first choice.


Dark sides female: Single Blade or Dualsabre. Some how the darksided double-bladed loses all its femininity... but thats just me.


Of course Red is the only way to go here, unless your the kind of evil that likes to be a little flash, and murder and mayhem comes second to your grasp for individuality. Violet/purple is the fashionable substitue here... be warned if your a right hand man/maiden yo will get gibed for going with the violet by your master... of course if you are the master no one should dare question your sabre unless there practicing a new form of suicide..


How about you all, what are your thoughts?

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