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Brightnes setting gets reset. Horrendous QA!

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I can't believe this bug is still here from KOTOR 1!


Any time a new level is loaded (or when the game starts for that matter) the brightness setting gets reset to a low level. I have to manually go into graphics settings and tick the settings one tick in any directions for the game to honor the setting. This is VERY annoying to say the least.


I know this is a minor issue compared to other colossal issues reported here, but this goes to show the there was absolutely no QA done on this game engine. Apparently they took the KOROR 1 engine and just plugged it into this game, ridiculous. How else could such an obvious (and easy to fix) bug make it into a SECOND INSTALLMENT of a hugely popular game.


Someone should really take the fall for this.


I'm on an ATI 9600, latest ATI drivers. Intel P4 2.8Ghz.



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