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How do you unlcok all 62 movies?

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Ok Ive completed the game 4 times now.


My first playthrough was a LS Male Guardian/Jedi Master(Yea I know but I didnt know anything about the presige classes yet)


My second playthrough was a LS Male Sentinel/Weapons Master


My third playthough was a DS Male Sentinel/Sith Lord


My fourth playthough was a LS Male again but as a guardian/weapons master(best guy yet =p)


So far I have unlcoked 56/62 Movies. I recently unlocked that kriea one were you need high infuence to get to.


But what are the other 6 movies that are not unlocked?

I know they must be noticeable because they dont just come along for you when you just do a playthough of the game

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I had a post lying about in gamefaqs for about a month asking this same question.


I managed to unlock 59 of the movies, but never all 62. A guy who looked at the xbox-dvd gave me all the file names, but even with that.. I couldn't really come up with some alternate way to play things to unlock a movie. Unless a developer or user can confirm otherwise.... you seem to only be able to unlock 59 of them.

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