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Some guy called 'Diciple' on Dantooine is bugged

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besides the well known graphical problems on Dantooine Im having another problem. Its about a guy called 'Diciple'. He's to be found in the sublevels of the Jedi Enclave ruins.

When Im finished talking with him, he says he'll go back to the surface. He says I can meet hem there. The problem is he does NOT leave. And when I tlak to him again he acts like he never saw me before..

When I went back to the surface I actually saw this guy there! So now he's at 2 places at the same time...


I still have to find Jedi Master Vrook in the jedi enclave ruins, but Im afraid this is impossible as long as that 'Diciple' is standing there...


Anyone else regonizes this problem?

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