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Can't move in combat, yet combat movement is on...

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Ok, I'm on the mining level of Peragus Station and for some wierd, unknown, reason.. i can't move forward (W) or backward (S) but I can move left (A) and right (D).. The mouse movement doesn't work either, I can't even click on something (like "remains") to move there... :luck:


The "combat movement" option is checked and the problem seems to "fix" itself when i can manage to get to a cutscene point... <_<


Times like this I'm grateful I asked Atton to inform me if I take 20 steps :lol::sorcerer:


I don't suppose anyone knows how to fix this issue? :ermm::luck:

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Well, it happens after combat too, but it started while in combat... :(


Kreia isn't in my party yet, neither is Atton :devil: Or T3 :o Heck I'd be happy with C3 or whatever the other droid in the prologue was :lol:


Save/load didn't correct the issue, unfortunatley :) <_< :(

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