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It works! 1/3 loading crash caused by wnaspi32.dll

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The below "fix" has worked for quite a few people at the LucastArts board.

This is not intermittent - it is 100% repeatable.


I figured out Super DVD Creator 5 was causing the 1/3 progress bar crash on my system. I dug a little deeper and figured out that this program installs a few dlls in windows\system32, among them wnaspi32.dll.


When this file is in windows\system32, KotOR2 crashes. Otherwise, KotOR2 runs fine.


wnaspi32.dll v1.0.0.0 21504 bytes, 2003-04-08 19:39




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It works for me , now i just have to fix the bug after getting captured by goto in nar shadaar :D


well, i don't have that file and still the 1/3 loading bug exists. i can tell that is in the part where the forced refresh rate is imposed at the screen because the screen blinks right before it crashes. (without refresh rate override by nvidia)

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