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Lucas Arts No help

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Seems the Administrator Jay over at Lucas Arts is asking people to get more specific with there driver issue:

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LucasArts Jay (administrator)

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We need to have more information to try and figure this out guys.

What driver version are you using for your video cards?



I posted the same issue there as here and it drifted off into obscurity still remaining unanswered. I am willing to bet the reason that is because they new there was a MAJOR flaw concerning the use of ATI cards but opted to release the game and let the ATI users suck it up until someone can build a fix. Video Games are a buyer beware market since one you buy it you can't return it. The irony here is that the first KOTOR I used an Nivida based card with no issues but later decided to "upgrade' to the 9800 PRO. Will be interesting to see what kind of answer ,if any, Administrator Jay will give to my question.

RE: To LucasArts Jay (administrator)

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Just out of curiousity, is there a utility with KOTOR2 that collects hardware info? (I only ask because I didn't bother to check last night). Surely the most helpful thing to do would be either post the output of it, or email the files it generates to LA.

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