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this seems like a really stupid question and everyone seems to like to hate on a mac user but will KOTOR II work on a macintosh? will it be released sepratley? if so, what is the release date? sorry if this has already been talked about. thanks

sorry about the double post


-raoul duke

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No problem about the double post. It has happened to everybody atleast once. Just go to moderation optoins and select delete. As for Macintosh release, I'm not sure. Ofcourse, since the first game was released for Mac, I'm pretty sure they will have a Mac version in the forseeable future. And, if they see $$$, who wouldn't go for it? Especially greedy corporate scum like Darth Gates and Darth Lucas.

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aye, that makes sense, but ive been look into it for days and days (this game looks to be the best ive ever seen) and found no info. it simply says that the PC version will come out the 5th/8th /whenever of february. its quite frustrating. the first KOTOR was very successful on mac, and i cant see any reason for them not to do this one on mac as well, but still, i have failed to find a single site that verify's the game's macintosh version. anyone know anyfin else

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Hallo, there -

I tend to find the Aspyr 'project status' website handy for keeping an eye on PC games that will be released for Mac - Aspyr coded the mac version of KOTOR I, so it's likely that if KOTOR II is released for Mac, they'll be the ones to do it. But they only recently announced Sims 2 for Mac, and it was released goodness knows how long ago, so any announcement on KOTOR II is likely to be a fair way off!

Good luck :devil:


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