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The Invincible Handmaiden

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I ran into an interesting bug, intentional or not, when learning how to fight against Handmaiden. It was the third tier of combat, and strangely enough the cargo hold door was open. I quickly knocked all her health away, but she kept taking damage, as did I. The game registered damage against her, and her health bar had drained away to nothing, but she would not seem to stop. I figured I would let her win and she proceeded to hit my character repeatedly, but then I did not run out of health either. I was always left with 1 VP left despite the Handmainden's attacks repeatedly hitting. I repeated this several times, only ending when I drew a lightsaber or used a force power (in other words, broke the rules). When I left the ship and reboarded, the third tier worked normally and we resumed normal conversation, where she became a jedi. Has anyone else run into this bug?

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