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GameBanshee Walkthrough & Saber Guide Complete

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Today, the final area to GameBanshee's complete KotOR II walkthrough has been added! Every quest, significant encounter and event, along with annotated maps for every area are included.


We think you'll find this the most comprehensive yet easy to follow KotOR II walkthrough available (free or not) and hope you enjoy.


You may also find our new Lightsaber Upgrade Guide, similar to the one we provided for KotOR I but more extensive, right here.





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Thanks, this one should be a sticky.

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Yeah the maps just help alot more then just saying. "Turn left at the door up ahead". Plus it tells where you can get DS or LS points and where certain items are. Thank goodness for Gamebanshee cuz I wouldnt have known half the stuff it told me. :p

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