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KOTOR 2 Game Disc Difference

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I recently recieved the game for christmas. I have played about 26 hours into it, and it froze right up after a load screen. The first time it erased my saved game, and the second time i just get a screen with a faint picture of me on the ebon hawk. After about 15 tries without any luck, I retured the disk and got a new one. I haven't actually played the new one yet but I did notice something. On the label side of the disk, in the center, there is an xbox hologram. My original disc did not have that.


Does anyone else have it?


Does anyone else not have it?


I am just wondering if my first disc was just a bad copy. I will be playing it soon and hopefully will have an answer. I do like this game, but the game freezing really sucks!!

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I also recieved the game for Christmas and had problems. I also tested my disc on my brother's Xbox, which he just got, and I still have the same issues. My game disc does have the hologram in which you speak of. And I'm also shipping my game off to LucasArts, for an exchange. Hopefully, it will be defect free.

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Well, I just ended my Kotor 2 game session with the new disc. Not because I wanted to, but because I got the black screen of death. It happened right after I used my droid to unlock the emergency door on Peragus. I got zapped with electricity, and then the screen goes blank. Nothing happens. No game, no music, not a single sound. I guess my other option is to just buy a new xbox and see what happens. I am very disappointed with the way things are going with this game.


Being a huge Kotor fan myself, this is very frustrating.

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That bug usually happens when people play the game off that HDD.


If you're playing it off the HDD, lemme tell you that doesn't work.


Ummmm, yes it does. It takes some tweaking around with things and even if it you do not tweak anything all you have to do is play from the game disc when the T3 cutscene is going to happen. I have played through the game twice while running off the hdd.

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