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so i go to one of my previously saved games because i can't talk to mira (frustrating!!) .....well turns out that i can't talk to kreia either. push the button and nothing!!!!! they just turn and look at me. So finally I come to the devistating conclusion that i have to start over again!!! for the second time!!! I haven't even finished the game once!!!!! I was so mad that i reoganized all my DVD's and played my dreamcast and my Playstation 2............Playstation 2 I tell you :angry:


anyways....I stopped myself from playing my Nintendo 64 :thumbsup:


but i'm really pissed.....what a waist of time <_<


now....feel sorry for me and send $19.95 plus tax for my pain and suffering!

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Make sure you let cutscenes play /all/ the way through, without stopping them.


In the PC version of KotOR, I had a problem like this in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall.


I figured out that it was a bug in the droid powerup cutscene, after you feed the grenade to the therangean explosive wall.


Essentially, I stopped out of it early, to hurry up. All the droids didn't power up, and both Jolee and Carth (in my party at the time) stopped talking to me.


Sounds like this bug has made it into II as well.

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