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I have a question about your lightsaber crystal. This is my second time through the game and I am playing as a DS character. I want to find out if your crystal needs to "grow" with you or it doesn't matter when you get it?


Here's the scenario:


I just finished Telos and I am headed for Nar Shaddaa. I don't want to go to Dantooine first because I would probably get beaten by Vrook. Suppose I finish Nar Shaddaa and get a lightsaber and then go to Dantooine, where I recieve my personal crystal. Would my crystal be weaker than it would have been if I had done Dantooine first? Because Kreia says that the crystal needs to grow with you in order to be gain its strength.


Can someone help me out with this problem? Thanks.

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It doesn't matter what you do. You will be early in the game still, once you get your personalized crystal. It can only be 'powered up' so many times before you hit your cap. I think its four times. And it depends on level. So talk to Kreia about your crystal, each time you level up.


- dr cloak

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