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I realized this topic has become overly trite by now, but I'm posting it anyway.


I received this game a couple days ago as a birthday present and have had several freezing problems with the game already.


It freezes at several different points, including, but not limited to, the "loading" screen and the "press start" screen at the beginning of the game. These have been the most common freeze points.


I have read a bit around the forums, and this "Thompson drive" seems to usually be the problem. My X-Box is less than a year old though, and I understood that this drive was only used on older models.


I've also gotten the "The disc you are using may be dirty or damaged" message, although the game was given to me brand new.


Can anyone help, and has Obsidian released any official announcements concerning this? It seems to be a very common probably and it's frustrating that a brand new (expensive) game was given to me and I can hardly play it sometimes. Thank you.

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The disk may be poorly pressed. You can try returning it for another copy and see if that helps. There really isn't anything else you can do aside from replacing the game or your XBox and hope the two work together.


Some people have had lots of trouble. Others (myself included) see nothing but the random "hickup" during a battle.

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