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My First Lightsaber

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I went to Naa Shaddaa, got the parts from the various locals and bought the color crystal from the Rodian female vendor and went to Bao-Dur to get 'er done.


I'll try Dantooine next go around simply for the salvager vendor who sells the artifacts in front of the Enclave.


(It took me a couple of reloads to get any good stuff from her.)

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While the drops may be random there are set Saber locations in the game.


Just a couple off the top of my head...

You get one from Vooke, One from the Salvager you free in the enclave lower levels. You get one in the hutts store room and one from the Reffugee you help reunite with his wife. one from the Doctor on Koriban and one after you fight the last vision in the hidden tomb on Koriban.


visas will give you one too if you compleat your saber before beating her otherwise you'll get a part.


you also will get Freedom Nadds short lightsaber in teh same spot from what I've read.


any of those locations will give you a part for your saber if you haven't built it yet.


I've also found them on bodies of Sith on Onderon but I don't know if that was just lucky with the random loot thing.

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