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Ebon Hawk

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It's amusing how the two Jedi that come on board totally dominate the port and starboard sleeping quarters. There are three beds in each quarter, but Mira gets crammed in the closet, Handmaiden gets the storage room, and Atton is permanantly stuck on the bridge (not just because he's the only pilot, he actually says he has no quarters).


Disciple, Bao Dur, and Mandalore actually stand in places that make sense (infirmary, garage, and strategy room respectively), so it's imaginable that they wander off to the sleeping quarters inbetween trips.

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One thing I like about the NPC on the Ebon Hawk this time is that some of them move around. For example, T3 moves around from room to room repairing things. The wookie just wonders around the ship, I found this to be somewhat disturbing, I was wondering if he was preparing to strike at someone.

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