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Stuck on Nar Shaddaa

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Basically I have done everything on NAr Shaddaa up too the point of stopping Goto. I know I have to see certain individuals of the Exchange. However, I have not gotten enough of their attention for an invitation.


To complete all the other tasks on Nar Shaddaa I have to stop Goto.


Been to Telios, Dantooine, Kooreban, Dxun, Onderon 1st stop.


Need at least a little hint to put me in the right direction.



can email if you want instead of placing spoilers, your choice.

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the way i did it was :


1) Talk to that little mouse creature near the entrance of the cantina//pazaak den and payed em 2000 creds to tell the exchange i hate em

2) i went back into the ebon hawk and it triggered a cit scene....i'll let u see it on ur own, its pretty straight forward from there.

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point well taken, but first post ever and learning the lay of the land.

apoligize if rubbing anyone in the john wayne kinda way.

No problem, but run before the demons arrive! :ph34r:


^ Says the demon himself

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."

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It happened to me and you just have to start over. I literally did EVERYTHING on Nar Shadda and th eother planets(though I couldn't finish Oderon without knocking off Shadda) and its just a run of the mill game bug. It made me so mad that I probably won't start a new game for a while.

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