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Best Saber

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Who Believes they got the best saber? or sabers? heres mine:


Type: Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Color: Cyan Crystal (Light Blue)

Crystal 1: PC Crystal (+3 STR, +3 DEX, +3 WIS, +3 CON)

Crystal 2: Ossus Deuling Crystal (+?)

?: Ultimate ? (+?)

Lens: ?




(will finish tomorrow cuz atm i cant remember all the stuff off hand)


I like Double more than 2 single...i no 2 singles are better but 1 double is so pretty

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I prefer to stick with the classic single blade adds an excellent defense bonus to you character! And dual sabers isnt "better" than the staff, they are somewhat in between the single and the staff in my mind, the staff is focused mainly on power, and you dont need to get nearly as many "good" crystals to make it excellent. That is why I choose single, you don't need to many crystals/other parts to make an excellent defensive and offensive character, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. But you will definatley want to have the "personal" crystal in your lightsaber no matter what you're using, doesnt really matter what color crystal you're using either (go violet and blue). I find that the Agedan lens (might be an emitter) is really powerful (adds 1-12 energy damage). Hope that helps! :D

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Most Damage: Highest damage and damage average (not by much on avg damage) but downside of more types of damage which add up but can be negated with a little damage resistance of each type decreasing overall effectiveness by quite a bit.


Double Saber 2-24, Viridian


Crystal Pontite 1-10 Cold


Barab Ore Ingot 2-16 Fire


Pontite Lens +1 Attack 2-12 Energy


Expert Fencing Emitter +3 Energy +2 Defense


Telgorn Jolt Cel Mark III 1-8 Electrical


Total 11-73 Damage, +1 Attack, +2 Defense


Avg 42 * 2 = 84


Optimized Damage: Tighter damage of same damage type grants higher ability to overcome damage resistance/immunity while keeping avg damage pretty close to max damage build and adds loads of other abilities


Double Saber 2 x 2-24, Viridian


Shan Crystal +4 Light +10 vs Darkside +3 Attack +6Dex(+3Def) +5Str(+2Dmg) +7Wis 25% Chance Slow 6s DC22


Upari 1-8 Energy +3 Attack


Pontite Lens +1 Attack 2-12 Energy


Expert Fencing Emitter +3 Energy +2 Defense


Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell +5 Energy


Total 2 x 19-58 +10 vs Darkside, +7 Attack, +5str, +6Dex, +7Wis, +25% Slow 6s DC22 x 2, +5 Defense, Additional +2/3 Attack depending on str or dex as primary and lightsaber finesse feat


Avg. 38.5 x 2 = 77

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