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Well, i beat the game-spoilers sumwhat

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Well, i just beat the game, it took me 32 hours all side missions LS, after getting ALL of my party members to learn the force(that could) i then made sure to gain as much influence i could with every one, i did that. Then i made the strongest saber possilbe - 9 to 46 attack, beat that,


Im posting this because i want to say my lasting impressions- this game i will remeber to be my top 5 fav games, though not nearly as good as the first 1, it almost did it. I LOVED the characters, storyline, voices, music, and yes sadly even the graphics- ive seen a lot worst.


But the main reason im posting this is the end game cutscene.- WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP, i mean i was expecting a nice scene with the Rep. and ur party or something like that but instead i get a scene with a ship flying around? I dont think so. Does any1 else agree with me on this 1?

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Then i made the strongest saber possilbe - 9 to 46 attack, beat that,


Forgive me for working from memory; I'm at work, so I can't check my saved game. I have a bad habit of forgetting what the low damage of my sabers are, but I remember the ballpark figures pertaining to my lightsaber. As I recall, at the end of my game, my saber did something in range of 26-55 damage. When enhanced with Master Battle Meditation and Master Valor, the upper range of damage went well into the 60s. For what it's worth, my character was a Jedi Sentinel 15/Jedi Weapon Master 12 at the end, with Weapon Specialization Lightsaber.

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