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Prestige class options not triggering?

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I am currently palying as a DS female sentinel. I had a level 15 and got Visas Marr in my party on Dantoine (2nd planet). I tried speaking with Kreia both outside and inside the Ebon Hawk, before and after speaking with Visas but nothing, I don't get the options for the prestige class as indicated in the Prima guide. I also tried to wait until the next planet and went to Nar Shadaa and the option didn't trigger, even after leveling up???


And it's not because I didn't speak with my party members since the beginning of the game: I am constanly checking if they have something new to say and I even gained some influence over Kreia.


Am I doing something wrong or is it possible that it's a script that is not triggering?


(I have noticed some dialogues branches not triggering at the right moment at a few places in the game but I don't know if this is also the case for the prestige classes)

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