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Is There Anyway To Put Your Robe Hood Up?????

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first i want to say that the robes in the game are extremly much better than Kotor 1 furthermore im happy that a dev answered my topic, the only reason why i wanted some1 to answer was because, some of my friends that are also KOTOR fanatics like me have applied various mods to the orignal kotor, which made it possible to equip hoods. Now there was no option to de-hood or anything like that, but the mechanic invloved was similar to the way keria's hood looked. As to the response to the kotor2 engine memory and it being difficult to eqiup robes/hoods, and to have the option to put hood up and hood down, i was wondering if their would be a possibility to the pc version having modding tools or if there would be further content downloads with additional robes that had hoods in a permanent up position. As to my knowledge on the current delevopement situtation on the kotor2 pc team, i understand that only a few devs arestill working on the project , which leads me to think that there will be no further content robes/items etc.. that will be pc exculsive.

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Visas isn't really a hood it's a head cover.


if you give her an Armor Feat and put actual armor on her she will show the new outfit but will retain the same head cover.


Any Jedi robes you put on here she will continue to look the same as her default clothing but armor will change her look.

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