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Actually given this some thought but anyways i decided to post it as a surgestion since this is surgestion for games you like to see.


Ive been pondering about if it woudlnt be fun if they made a sole spellcaster game in D&D version with caster classes and a load of spells, since normal D&D only have the prime spells it i think could been fun playing Enchanter with item creation of custom powerful artifacts or a necromancer with a horde of undeads, or a conjurer calling for Demons to do bidding, or maybe even a diviner.


Or a faith character with the granted powers of mystra....


Just think it could be fun since casters usually always the same and often done very little about to make them interesting as they are on PnP.


Well anyways id like to hear other opion and some poll numbers to see if anyone else feels it could be fun with a Game purely a D&D magic game.

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