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The DS or LS choices of the website

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On the official website there is a dark or light side effect on alot of the planet/characters etc. While some are very obvious (Dantooine/Korriban) other may give a clue as to what you may find on the planet! Telos for instance gives a suprisingly high LS effect .. while other planets seems neutral and only increases the previous choice(s)!

could this be used to draw a parrallel to the game perhaps? giving you an idea of what you will face on each planet (temptations, possible choices and so on)..

Kreia seems to respond as a neutral character an reinforces both DS or LS while Sion and T3-M4 respectivly increases a significant amount in their sides .. (this would make T3-M4 a LS this time around instead of neutral from KOTOR1)

or am I just over-speculating (and having far too much spare time)!? :blink:

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I think you might be right. I mean, Korriban gives an extremely high DS reaction, and Dantooine an extremely high LS reaction. If it doesn't portray what you'll face in terms of choices, it probably portrays the overall feeling of the planet. Same thing with the characters. Of course, this is also speculation on my part.

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I just finished the trials on the official website, both for dark side and light side.

You get a nice reward for each side.


Also I guess that some of the questions you get on the side are hints for the upcoming game. Like this bounty hunter who wants to reveal the location of the secret spice smuggling camp for a large amount of credits, carefull what you answer (I was correct btw). I think that this is a very very good hint for KOTOR2.

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